Boilers - return heat transfer to design specification.

Pipelines - improve flow rates e.g. process liquor pipelines.

Heat exchangers - remove scale to increase heat transfer.

Cooling circuits - scale removal for increased efficiency.



Steam-raising plant

Processing plant


Oxygen & hydrogen peroxide systems

Shutdown & Turnaround

Pre-engineering & process engineering

Consulting services & project management

Mechanical and access works

Turnkey multidisciplinary service offering

Startup procedures & advice

Ongoing asset integrity & condition monitoring


Tank, vessel and pipeline decontamination for routine inspection.

Passivation of tanks and pipelines to arrest corrosion.

Wet & dry layup of plant and equipment.

Industrial Cleaning

Utrex's original business began with chemical cleaning and chemical supply. From these origins, the company's expertise has grown to include high pressure water, decontamination, degassing, surface cleaning (abrasive/wet/dry/soda) and speciality external cleaning of equipment such as fin fans.

We are a full service team consisting of trades and support engineering. We have field supervision, ASME welders, pipefitters, NDT, valve technicians, bundle extraction.

We are on-call 24/7 to mobilise quickly for your requirements.

Our chemical cleaning, water-jetting and mechanical support services provide us with the flexibility to execute cleaning restoration where possible, assisting in extending the life of exchangers until planned works can take place.


Industrial Coatings

For all oil, gas & chemical plants we offer a range of industrial coating solutions. Utrex has NACE qualified personnel to evaluate existing conditions and relationships with a number of quality international coatings suppliers.


Our team can tailor a coating to meet the specification required as well as protect your plant and equipment from demanding environments.

Valve Maintenance & Repair

Our valve services include:
Assessment, sourcing & process integration of valves with short deliivery times, technical expertise and support to provide solutions to problems; and


Asset integrity including maintenance, repair and portfolio management

Mechanical & Process

Our mechanical support services include joint integrity (bolt torquing & tensioning, flange management and leak testing), leak sealing, on-site machining and heat treatment.

Our team can provide scaffolding, lifting and & rigging and access solutions as necessary to execute tasks turnkey.